Women’s Ministry

Women’s Ministry

The Call

A Ministry to Every Woman

“We have different gifts, according to the grace given us…” Romans 12:6 NIV

During the 1860s, the Seventh-day Adventist church was also coming into being. In the same time and culture, it was engaged in an attempt to save men and women who were dying spiritually. Ellen White lived during these years, and felt a great burden for the Three Angels’ messages to reach a world that was perishing for a want of the truth. Workers were scarce and, as we see from Ellen White’s own experience, often overburdened trying to minister to the needs of the new church and to spread the message.

In such a situation as this, she was adamant that no hand be restricted that could be helping. Everyone must do their part. No one should believe that they were excluded from God’s service, and no one must forbid another from doing their part. It was in this evangelistic, practical view that Ellen White spoke about the role of Christian women in service. In her writings and in her example she urged women to be active in giving the gospel to the world and laboring for lost men and women. Her arguments regarding the work women were to do were practical, not theological. This is what she said: